About Frank Ward....


Smooth and Warm

Masculine and Authoritative

Deep and Intriguing

Aggressive and Scary  





Frank Ward is a professional voice over talent, entrepreneur, model and actor that can currently be heard on your favorite media format. Ever since a young age, Frank has been intrigued by voice over work. Especially film trailers and the deep resonant voices he heard on his favorite radio and TV commercials. Frank would often imitate what he would hear, but like most people he disliked the sound of his own voice. Wait!, that might be a typo; regardless, the prospect of voice over work intrigued him immensely. After attending college at the University of Maryland and receiving a Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology, Frank went to work for one the largest insurance companies in the world. While working with various colleagues and clients, through phone and in person conversations, many would frequently remark on his voice and state how deep and unique he sounded. Apparently Frank has an interesting voice.

With his background and skills that he has accumulated over the years, Frank has the dedication and skill to present consistent reliable professional work to make his clients projects a success!

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